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Lighting + Stands

This is the lighting gear that works for me for both architectural and travel photography. I have paid for all my own equipment and none is provided by sponsors and is what I use every day. I don't recommend gear that I have not used or own myself.

Dynalite Baja B6 Battery-Powered Monolight

Great strobe for light painting architecture and probable. With 600 watts of power is bright enough to work with daylight. Sad to say the company went out of business, so I will be looking for a new strobe soon.

Mole-Richardson Mini-Mole
Fresnel Tungsten Light

These lights are made for movies sets and are indestructible! I use three different lights and can light about anything. This is a 200watt light.


Mole-Richardson Tweenie II 650 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Light

This is a 600 watt light.


Mole-Richardson Nooklite 1000 Watt Tungsten Flood Light

This is a 1000 watt light.


Matthews Century C+Stand with Turtle Base and Grip Arm Kit

When I have to light up the exterior of a building or need to have a backdrop stand this is it. 


Matthews Medium Duty Kit Stand with Brake

All around good stand and I like how these stands tighten down. 


Platypod Ultra Flat Tripod

The Platy Pod is wonderful for travel photography where you are not able to bring a tripod.


platy pod.jpg
Tether Tools Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Stand

The Rock Solid Low Boy Roller Stand pairs with a Tether Table Aero to create a rolling laptop stand for tethered shooting. It is suitable for use in the studio and on location. 


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