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Randy Van Duinen photography workshops offers hands-on one-on-one training to photographers of all skill levels who want to become better at their craft while having memorable experiences in some of the world's most beautiful places. Hone your photography skills in some of the best photography locations in our photography programs. With the guidance of our expert photographers, learn how to make compelling and memorable quality photographs—skills you can use to document travel experiences, build a portfolio, or simply capture great images for yourself.

Workshop Schedule


Architectural + Interior Photography - Grand Rapids, MI

Waterfall + Wine - Portland, Oregon

Travel + Architectural Workshop - Rome, Italy

Venice, City of Water and Bridges, Venice, Italy

Architectural + Interior Photography - Tampa, FL


Travel + Architectural Workshop

Oct. 3rd-7th 2021 Rome, Italy


This six-day workshop will take place in spectacular Rome, Italy where you will photograph some of the iconic locations, hidden gems, and a model shoot. In this workshop, you will photograph places like the Vatican, Pantheon, and Coliseum, and when you are finished photographing there will be a time in the classroom setting where Randy will show you how to process your images to make them look incredible.


If you're looking to improve your photography skills and capture some of Rome's best locations this is a workshop you will not want to miss.


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Architectural Photograph, Twilight Building

Architectural + Interior Photography

July. 11-12 2022 Grand Rapids, MI

If you want to take your interior and architectural photographs to the next level, or want to learn techniques that you can incorporate into your own architectural, interior, or real estate photography, you will want to attend this workshop with Randy. In this workshop, you will be working with Randy as he photographs interiors during the day and during dusk and twilight. Lighting, styling, composition, and Photoshop techniques will be taught, and you will leave with a new sense of confidence that will allow you to work in any situation and make your clients happy.


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I speak and teach photography workshops around the country on an array of different subjects from Architectural, Landscape photography, Light Painting photography to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.


If you would like a private workshop or for me to speak to your photography organization, please contact me to discuss that opportunity at:



Imaging USA

Photo Safari of the Historic Capitol Mall!

January 15th

Washington, DC

More Info:

Texas School

Architectural + Interior Photography

April 24th - 29th

Addison, Texas

More Info:

West Coast School

Architectural + Interior Photography 

June 5th - 12th

San Diego, California

More Info:


Rome, Italy Travel Workshop

Randy Van Duinen Photo Workshops

​Architectural & Travel Photography

Oct. 3rd - 7th

More Info:

Architectural + Interior Workshop - Grand Rapids, MI

Randy Van Duinen Photo Workshops

Architectural Photography

July 11th - 12th

More Info:

2022 Speaking Engagements

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