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Banff National Park

When I was up in Canada for Canadian Imaging I took a couple days and went to Banff National Park. Friends of mine have told me how incredible it was and they were not lying I was really blown away by the beauty of this place. As it was still April and some of the places I wanted to photograph were still closed because of snow and avalanches I was not able to get a few of the shots that I really wanted and will have to go back another time to photograph them.

I was able to come away with some spectacular images, do a little light painting and see three avalanches by Lake Louise in about an hour. One of the shots that I really want to do was of Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, but Lake Louise was frozen over and the road to Lake Moraine was under 12 feet of snow.

I met up with one of the attendees that took my class at Canadian Imaging and he told me of this great little area where the trains come around the bend. I met him out at the bend and I’m so glad that he told me about it as the image that I came away with I was really happy with.

Can’t wait to go back to this area again, but I think I’ll wait until June instead of April.

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