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Great Lakes Institute of Photography

The state of Michigan is the place I grew up as a kid and I was excited to be asked by Jim Cunningham to teach a weeklong class at Great Lakes Institute of Photography (GLIP). When Jim and I first talked I asked him what he’d like me to teach about, as I teach four different programs and Jim’s answer was he wanted me to teach them all in the five days. So the name of the class became the Cornucopia of Photography.

This was a really fun class for me to teach, as I was able to start off with Light Painting, and combine it with Lightroom in Photoshop, then do Architectural Photography and finish it off by doing a Composite class. I don’t think there is a minute that we weren’t doing something and another thing that made the class interesting was for the first couple of days I had laryngitis, so the class really had to listen.

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