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Photoshop World - Las Vegas

Photoshop World in Las Vegas was a great time like always. I always enjoy going and seeing all my old friends and meeting new ones, but one of the things I especially liked this year was I was able to sit in Tim Wallace’s class on Photography Business. Tim is an incredible person from his youth through his military career and how he has made his photography business such a success. If you get a chance to go to one of his business workshops I would highly recommend it.

About eight years ago I photographed the Bellagio Hotel and their water feature in front of it, but is at night and I always wanted to photograph it at twilight. I decided this year was the time to actually take that photograph and made the time to do it at twilight. It’s always an interesting experience trying to line up a shot with hundreds of other people all around you with their camera phone and a few with their DSLR’s I really liked the photograph I got.

I also was invited to the Photofocus party at the Pinball Museum. The museum is in a nondescript building not far from MGM on Tropicana drive, but I had a blast inside with all the old pinball machines I grew up with. I think the highlight of the night was either being able to play asteroids again or the photos shoot that Levi Sims set up on one of the pinball machines.

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