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Radiant Mobile - One Click Wonder & More!

Radiant Imaging Labs just came out with their mobile app this week, Radiant Mobile, that will work on both images and video. I love their desktop application, “Radiant Photo,” and use it as a finishing step on all my photos. The mobile app has many of the same features, but I love how it takes a photo and makes it look great without going over the top. For social media, this is a one-tap application, and you have an image that can be posted immediately. The app is more powerful than that, and you have all the controls you would expect from a photo editing application on your mobile device.

Radiant Photo has added video enhancement to the mobile app, and again, it is a fast way to make your video look great with one click. You can't make adjustments to the videos like you can to the photo part of the app, but for social media and quick enhancements to your video, it works great. In future versions, I hope they will add more features to the video portion of this mobile app.

Mobile photographers, social media influencers, and anyone who wants to make their images look great will want this app on their mobile devices.

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