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Image Explorations - Vancouver Island

Just got back from teaching at Image Exploration in Victoria, Canada. I had a great class where we did some light painting, photographed at an old Fort and lighthouse and at a timber museum that was really cool. I was also asked by Don McGregor, to do a milk dress photo shoot for the whole school, something I had not done in front of a lot of people before. I explained to Don the process and what was needed to do something like this and his response was “no problem”! Don has a great assistant at image exploration, his name is Tomo, and he is like the MacGyver of photography and he had everything set up the way I explained it and it was an ease to do the milk dress shoot in front of everybody.

If you have a chance to go to image exploration next year, my suggestion would be go there and take one of the classes; it is like no other school I’ve taught at. They rent out a private school on Vancouver Island and the school is something out of Harry Potter movie. You stay in the dorm rooms and they have a cooking staff there that provides three meals a day and if you have a little extra time a lake to go jump in, which I did one day.

The people in my class were just wonderful to be around and teach and one person in particular helped me out so much by picking me up the day before the class and taking me around the island so we could scout locations to do photo shoots. I need to give Mike Woodrow special thanks for his time and kindness for showing me around and having the chance actually meet him.

Thanks Don for inviting me to Image Exploration and I hope to do it again next year.

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